We deliver beautiful fresh flowers from the grower right to your door, every week! Your petals arrive as individual stems and still in bud, you do not get any fresher than that!

Take the opportunity to relax and indulge with an array of beautiful flowers, whilst crafting the stems to your taste and design each week, for only £20 with 50% off first order!

Start and stop orders whenever you like, you are in control!

Here at Craft & Petal we are fortunate enough to indulge in our passion every day, creating stunning, bespoke designs for our customers. One day we were discussing this very topic and both said how lovely it would be if everyone could have a go at arranging their own displays. Soon after this, Craft & Petal launched box flowers to share and spread the passion.

  • Only £20 per week!

  • You are not tied in, give us a try!

  • A gift of 50% off your first order

  • We choose the freshest seasonal flowers from the growers each week

  • 100% recyclable packaging

  • Tips and advice on how to care for your flowers

  • If you want to stop for a bit or are going away just drop us an email - its that easy!

    *within the U.K