Wiltshire Game & Country fair - Come see us! - 28th & 29th September

Come and visit our stall at Bowood and collect. . .





We are going to be at the Bowood show all weekend meeting lots of you lovely new people!

If you sign up with us on the day, you will receive a FREE, eco friendly glass vase which is designed to display our box flowers at their best PLUS you will get 50% off you first order with us here at Craft & Petal!

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 12.28.11.png

Remember, you are NEVER, EVER tied in with us. You can take breaks from your orders whenever you wish, just drop us an email or give us a call to let us know!

Lou & Bex look forward to meeting you all over the weekend, if you cant make the show but would like to sign up for box flower orders, go ahead and click the link below and still get your 50% discount off the first order! https://www.craftandpetal.co.uk/box-flowers-sign-up

See if you can spot us!

Craft & Petal’s wheels are official!

We now own a lovely big flower van to collect all the flowers fresh from the market to bring back to the farm. We then box up and send out the stems to you - our absolutely, awesome customers!

We also use this big wagon to transport all the flowers and wedding gear to and from the venues; which has made life much easier this summer with all the weddings and events!

Our lovely friends, Anthony and Carole at barefoot signs in Devizes did the brilliant art work all over the van to help you all spot us.

If you see us out and about give us a wave or a little toot!

Bex & Lou

x x


Oh my goodness its finally arrived!!

Craft & Petal launches Box flowers today!

“Craft your own Petals, order your box flowers today. . .”

It is finally official, Louise and myself have worked tirelessly to get to this wonderful point where we can share our complete and utter love of crafting and creating floral arrangements with all of you!

Order today and get 50% off your first order!

Start receiving your beautiful seasonal stems direct from the grower to your choice of address every week to craft, arrange and display however YOU choose for only £20 per week including delivery!!!

Your flowers will arrive super fresh in bud contained in a 100% recyclable flower box with handy tips and hints for you to get the best from your flowers each week .

Go ahead and give us a try today!


Local flowers for a local wedding

We spent this gloriously sunny day making up a simple wedding package for a local couple. A beautifully hand crafted ‘wild style’ bouquet and button hole were made up using locally grown flowers; including dahlias and stunning roses.

Also, good luck to Southbroom infant school at your summer fete this afternoon, we hope you raise lots of pennies and one lucky raffle prize winner will get to enjoy our donated Craft & Petal flower basket !!

English rose, ‘wild style’ bouquet

English rose, ‘wild style’ bouquet

Matching button hole

Matching button hole


Sumer time and feeling fine!

So, Lou and myself have been super busy meeting new clients and new venue owners to discuss flowers (our fave subject!) we have some great things coming up so keep an eye on the blog!

As well as all of this we have been working hard on our current weddings that we have booked in over the summer, tweaking the website and arranging to take Craft & Petal to a few summer shows around the county to show off our wild work to all of you lovely people; come and join us for a glass of bubbly if you spot us!

Here is a sneak peak of our most recent wedding which was held in an awesome triple Tipi in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, enjoy! (Remember to like and share, you fabulous followers!)

Bouquet close up…

Bouquet close up…

Awesome corsages….

Awesome corsages….

Prepped flowers awaiting the C&P magic!

Prepped flowers awaiting the C&P magic!

A runner for the gift table in the Tipi….

A runner for the gift table in the Tipi….

Spring has arrived & wedding season is here!

We are brilliantly busy at this time of year and gearing up for another lively and exciting wedding season. As wedding florists we get to work in some simply stunning locations, Roseanna and Daniels venue at The Tythe Barn at Priston Mill, Bath was no exception. They went for an elegant and timeless theme, simplicity was key in the design and we enjoyed every second of creating and producing the flowers for their special day.


Brand new local BRITISH GROWN flower supplier to Craft & Petal!

Today Lou and myself went to visit Gwen. A new (very local) supplier, of freshly cut British flowers. She owns and runs Posies with pride (www.posieswithpride.uk) & Poultry with pride (www.posieswithpride.uk)

Gwen's flowers range from stunning sunflowers to delightful dahlias and everything in between, including the most BEAUTIFULLY scented roses !

We had a lovely time looking around her patch of heaven, nosing in all the polly tunnels at the rows of greenery holding promise in all those emerging bulbs and seedlings!

Gwen is an inspiring, true grit, grafter of a lady. Talk about girl power!

She has built her own business; where she also lives, literally from scratch. She built polly tunnels galore, cleared an entire field to grow a variety of flowers, has recently completed the build of a magnificent barn for storage and to hold work shops in and is now in the process of building a cob house to live in.....oh and she also has a free range chicken business on site (where she manages them and holds classes to show people how to look after hens through to getting them oven ready!

Lou and I left feeling utterly inspired and extremely pleased to find someone with an equal love for flowers who wants to partner with us at Craft & Petal! watch this space!



We completed the Wiltshire Air Ambulance White Horse Challenge of walking 52 miles in 48 hrs! It took us a total of 11 hrs Saturday and 11hrs Sunday to complete, (starting at 7:30am and walking, pretty much non stop, until 6:30pm) 

Louise and I encouraged each other through the chalky, reflective, sun blazed Wiltshire wilderness, up the steep inclines over the Pewsey Vale and Cherhill White Horse and down through horse fly riddled woodland where we had to run at times to evade the persistent blighters! Our spirits were high though, as the scenery was absolutely stunning.

We had A LOT of time to chat about future plans for Craft & Petal. We discussed all the beautiful wild flowers we have around us that we can use and the amazing array of foliage.

Hysteria kicked in and laughter ensued when I was unfortunate enough to sit in an ants nest (only wanted to rest my weary bones) and ended up doing a very interesting tribal dance to rid myself of the critters!

Still, crippling blisters, sore knees and hips have all been worth it for such a great, worthy, local, cause and the knowledge that we have achieved an amazing personal test of our endurance...and friendship !!! 

Thank you so much to all of those generous people who donated, if you would still like to support this wonderful charity please follow the link below to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance donation page and give whatever you can.



Walking 52 miles in 48hrs to help save lives!

Hi everyone

Louise and my good self are walking 52 miles in 48hrs to raise much needed funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance on the 1st of July this year.

This is a service we all rely on and all know or have heard of someone locally who has been unfortunate enough to find themselves in the position they have had to call on these guys to come and get them out of real life, horrific and quite often life changing situations.

These guys genuinely mean the difference between life and death. We need them, especially in this beautiful, rural part of the country where we get out on our horses, bikes (motor and pedal) and tend to work and live remotely.

If you could put your hand in your pocket and donate some money to help us to raise money for this invaluable service, please follow the link: