We completed the Wiltshire Air Ambulance White Horse Challenge of walking 52 miles in 48 hrs! It took us a total of 11 hrs Saturday and 11hrs Sunday to complete, (starting at 7:30am and walking, pretty much non stop, until 6:30pm) 

Louise and I encouraged each other through the chalky, reflective, sun blazed Wiltshire wilderness, up the steep inclines over the Pewsey Vale and Cherhill White Horse and down through horse fly riddled woodland where we had to run at times to evade the persistent blighters! Our spirits were high though, as the scenery was absolutely stunning.

We had A LOT of time to chat about future plans for Craft & Petal. We discussed all the beautiful wild flowers we have around us that we can use and the amazing array of foliage.

Hysteria kicked in and laughter ensued when I was unfortunate enough to sit in an ants nest (only wanted to rest my weary bones) and ended up doing a very interesting tribal dance to rid myself of the critters!

Still, crippling blisters, sore knees and hips have all been worth it for such a great, worthy, local, cause and the knowledge that we have achieved an amazing personal test of our endurance...and friendship !!! 

Thank you so much to all of those generous people who donated, if you would still like to support this wonderful charity please follow the link below to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance donation page and give whatever you can.