The money bit . . . .

So here's where you won't find any standardised, generic pricing and in that sense, we are nothing unusual. You actually wont find it with most good wedding and event florists... keep reading to find out why!

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We doubt, neither of you are looking for a wedding that you or your guests have already seen.  You are both, probably, looking to break free from tradition and express yourselves, through floral individuality, original ideas and a touch of bespoke craft... and this is exactly what we do.

Initially, we always ask if you have a budget in mind, and it’s not because we want to take advantage or 'bump up' your base line budget. Its because the process of designing your wedding flowers is much more efficient for all involved if we have an idea of what you'd feel comfortable with spending. There are countless combinations of flowers/ arrangements and displays, so there is a solution for every budget. If you are struggling to get started we are more than happy to suggest ideas to help you both.

Wedding floristry has huge variables when it comes to cost, with the biggest factors being the time of year you are getting married, your venue and your ideas. Every flower and foliage has a different price, and costs will vary depending on the types used, the scale of the event, the size of the items, and even the time of year. The labour is intensive with flower work, from the humble beginnings of sketching out ideas, collating a colour palette and style to the physical side of the work. This includes travelling to collect your fresh flowers in the wee small hours of the morning, bringing them all back to the barn and hand stripping/ prepping each individual stem of flower and foliage.

Then the real fun begins. We start working on the pieces needed for your day bringing everything together to make the magic happen!


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